Why I’m jealous of high school journalists

Morgan Upton

Morgan Upton is a senior majoring in journalism at The University of Alabama. Upton never encountered journalism study until trying out an introductory-level course during her sophomore year of college. Her high school, Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Ala., did not have a journalism program during her time there (they now do).

“I felt really behind compared to everyone else when I was in the introductory-level course,” Upton said. “Everyone had all of this experience, and that was really intimidating for me.”

Upton said that she definitely would have participated in a high school journalism program if she had been given the opportunity. She started her college career studying education, but she thinks early exposure to reporting would have changed that. A high school journalism program could have helped prepare her to participate in student reporting in college.

“I would have felt more willing to become involved with student publications,” Upton said. “I would have had a better skills set to start with, too.”

Though she may have gotten a later start in the world of the media, Upton hasn’t let that stunt her growth as a reporter. After covering volleyball and softball for The CrimsonWhite, UA’s student newspaper, and interning for The Tuscaloosa News, she was selected as the Sports Editor for the Choctaw Sun Advocate, located in Gilbertown, Ala. She begins working for the Choctaw Sun Advocate in May.

“I don’t regret my path, but I still think high school journalism could have given me the boost I needed when I decided to become a reporter.”

“High school journalism is so important because it prepares future reporters. It also enforces important lessons in grammar and communication.”

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