High school journalism allows me to learn with my friends

Jake Upton

Jake Upton is a 10th grader at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He has been involved with PATS-TV, a broadcast journalism class at Hillcrest, since the fall of his 9th grade year. PATS-TV, taught by Jody Evans, broadcasts a news program every Friday for the student body. They report on local news, national events and even make public service announcements.

“Ive learned many techniques with filming as well as a more creative mind when it comes to writing,” Upton said. Students learn to use video cameras and editing software in the course.

Upton said that the class has not only helped him learn more about journalism, but has also helped him in other classes.

“I have learned to be more careful as far as grammar goes and it has somewhat helped me get away from procrastinating.”

PATS-TV has also helped Upton get to know his peers.

“My favorite thing by far is the people I get to work with,” Upton said. “The program wouldn’t be any fun if i wasn’t working with friends.”

Check out PATS-TV’s Facebook page for more information.


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