Tuscaloosa’s high school broadcast journalism scene

BCN-TV, a news program formed by Tuscaloosa’s city schools (Paul W. Bryant High School, Central High School and Northridge High School), and PATS-TV, a news program created by Hillcrest High School, allow high school students to experience broadcast journalism.

Both programs have won statewide and nationwide awards. BCN-TV was awarded Technical Education Program of the Year by the Alabama State Department of Education. They placed third in Television (Video) Production at the National Skills USA Championship, according to their website.

PATS-TV’s sponsor, Jody Evans, won the Journalism Education Association’s 2012 Rising Star award, according to The Tuscaloosa News.

“PATS-TV’s popularity has grown so much that Hillcrest’s biggest rival, Tuscaloosa County High School, is starting a broadcast program, CATS-TV. Robin Ball, an English teacher at TCHS, decided to start CATS-TV after she saw what was happening in Evans’ program.”

-The Tuscaloosa News


BCN-TV’s website and PATS-TV’s Facebook page offer more information on the programs.


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