Twitter and humor: What works?

Twitter can be your friend when working with a high school publication. It allows your publication to interact with readers and use free promotion. However, can a publication use witty or humorous tweets?

Though most publications don’t veer from the traditional news blurb, some humor and wit can go a long way when interacting with students. The Huffington Post‘s @HuffPostRhymes is a prime example of a professional (yet quirky) publication pulling off consistently humorous tweets. The account only tweets about news stories that rhyme.

“Romney’s dog abuse is widely reviled, but Obama ate dog meat when he was a child

-April 17, @HuffPostRhymes


Oh my how high we go, to 100 floors does one World Trade grow

-April 3, @HuffPostRhymes


In Ohio Mitt gets the win, but nonetheless takes one on the chin. #SuperTuesday

-March 6, @HuffPostRhymes


Though a publication shouldn’t only tweet jokes, it can be an effective tool to gain followers and respect. Try to create a witty element to use on your high school newspaper’s Twitter account. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Weird News Wednesday: Tweet about a bizarre news story on Wednesday. It can be worldwide, national or local.
  2. Trivia Tuesday: Ask your followers trivia questions about your community or high school’s history. That way you can educate your followers about the local environment and interact with them.
  3. Funny Picture Friday: Post a funny picture taken during the week. It can be a local, national or worldwide picture (attribute where it’s from, of course) that’s unusual or funny.

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